OTH – A strong track record since 2013

The original software platform (OpenTele) was developed as part of a joint project reaching across Denmark. It was funded by the Danish government with the explicit purpose of demonstrating the effectiveness of large-scale remote health management. The project was successfully concluded in 2015, and now serves as the basis for the current nationwide rollout of COPD home monitoring.

The regional governments gave up on their efforts to create an open-source ecosystem around the platform. In 2015, OTH was founded as a commercial alternative dedicated to developing the original software platform further and leveraging it to bring affordable remote health management to the international market. OTH is now used in many countries to manage thousands of patients on a daily basis, saving resources and enhancing healthcare experiences.


Bridging physical and virtual medical care, enabling worldwide access to healthcare – a human right.


To gather information from people at home and turn it into actionable health insights. By aggregating virtual-care actors, we allow every person on the planet to access care, anytime and anywhere.

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