Partners – In the healthcare industry

We collaborate and partner with leaders across healthcare, life sciences, research, system integration and telecommunications. Join us and become our partner. Together we empower healthcare professionals to improve health, create excellent care experiences and reduce costs.

Our platform has been designed for straightforward integration with other IT platforms. Our open APIs ensure technical interoperability with existing and future clinical systems. 

As our partner, you not only enhance your market position, but also become interconnected with other partners via our platform. Accordingly, you can join forces in furthering the cause of integrated virtual and physical healthcare – 1 + 1 + 1 = 6!

OTH Partners

Integrated elements

Our software platform consists of three integrated parts: the OTH Health Cloud, a Web application and a mobile device application that is ISO 13485.2016 audited and follows the highest quality management standards. We are compliant with current regulatory requirements and hold a GDPR certification that ensures personal and individual data security and processing.

Rely on our certified platform

We are perfectly positioned to integrate regulatorily compliant medical devices at home and 3rd-party condition-specific AI engines from research partners. We have created and certified the platform to allow the data to come from anywhere, not just devices, but from trusted Internet-based sources as well. We guarantee that a measurement we receive will be presented to healthcare professionals without any alterations.

Professionals – In healthcare

Our platform is cloud-agnostic, and can operate in the healthcare provider’s own IT infrastructure or run in any secure cloud. We have built a multitenant-capable, white-label adaptable system with easy localization following national regulatory compliance. The provider can run the platform under its own brand, logo or dashboard and demonstrate its uniqueness in the market. It combines medical devices, connectivity, clinical AI and video consultation in a platform that collects, analyzes and transforms vital-sign data into actionable clinical insights.


As your virtual-care aggregator, we provide a flexible and expandable ECO System. The white-label platform includes a growing number of complementary 3rd-party solutions that offer additional value to all involved.

Virtual care hand-in-hand with your EHR

Interoperability with your EHR systems is essential for high-quality care. Our virtual care solution works as an extension of your EHR system, with integration capabilities that enable providers to continue working with their existing EHR or introduce a new system.
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We follow a smooth setup process and combine clinical data from your EHR with patient vitals. The system offers bidirectional capabilities with name, address, contact and medical details automatically synchronized from your EHR and vitals collected, analyzed and prioritized. Treatment needs can be synchronized with your EHR in near real-time.

To work as an extension of your EHR, we feature an integration engine with open APIs and REST interfaces for:

  • Seamless integration with existing EHR
  • Data from 3rd-party APPs
  • Subscription to data and events on the OTH platform

Research partnerships

Via end-user apps, wearables and medical devices at home, we collect research-grade data. We enable you to implement clinical trials in a patient-centric, flexible, and decentralized manner. We provide you with real-world data that can be merged via our interfaces and enriched with existing data, such as laboratory data and patient records. Increase your data quality with our platform and conduct studies quickly, securely and cost-effectively.

Data gathering

Innovators of wearables and home devices can connect within days, and we bridge the access to clinicians and patients. OTH relieves the burden of creating and managing IT infrastructure, so the manufacturer can focus on device, product and process innovation. Our OTH platform scales with the manufacturers needs and reduces the time and cost to market compared to building a custom solution.
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Although producers are responsible for hardware certification for a certain device, they benefit from our accelerated software certification path spanning the entire solution from the patient to the clinical users. Using the OTH platform as a base for a product in the market allows our partners to concentrate on implementing very limited functionality to be developed under their own QMS, and subsequently our partner will need the CE mark only, as the entire platform is prespecified under ISO 13485.2016. This saves massive resources and time in a situation where go-to-market is crucial.

AI engines

Multidimensional patient data fuel the tailoring of future products and services for improving healthcare. We are constantly adding new algorithms and are very open to data-driven collaboration. Count on us to link your technology with the care providers’ insights and bring your analyzed data knowledge into the clinical context within our multi-condition-specific clinical pathways. With our regulation-compliant platform, we facilitate efficient data integration and process data flows from patient medical devices, medical device clouds and AI condition-specific providers.

Condition specialists

Are you very specialized in the treatment of a certain diseases, but not interested in developing, certifying and operating a whole platform? Or the healthcare provider you wish to serve wants to aggregate treatment of multiple conditions? Then you can benefit from our platform and our available solutions for episodic care and chronic diseases as well as continuous care for sub-acute conditions.

Video consulting integration

Patient monitoring combined with video collaboration enhances the patient’s healthcare experience. We cooperate with trusted brands in video technology to provide personalized healthcare in the patient’s home. Patient video consultations and messaging services are linked to our clinical pathway.

System integrators and telecoms

The pressure of transformation on the entire industry is changing the IT landscape, especially in the healthcare sector. According to different market researchers, the virtual care market is predicted to have an annual growth rate between 18% and 30% over the next 6 years. Many new tasks will arise and must be managed, involving not only computing and storage, but also networking, security, use of the open-source system Kubernetes and automation.

Cloud Native – Microservice based Architectures

Architecture & Platforms

OTH Platform  based on K8
Medical Device Access Network

Telehealth Video & Messaging Platform ex. WebEx

Medical Home Devices

Wearables, Tablets,
BLE coupled devices,
Video & Messaging Endpoints


Compliance, Protection & Security

Data Pipeline Security
Data Protection
Data Fraud & Manipulation


Lifecycle Management

Provision, Monitoring & Decomission
Real-time Application Assurance


Data Hub (data lake)

Virtual Care Operating Model

We follow a flexible architecture approach, ensuring higher efficiency and productivity in continuous care delivery. Our blueprint for a virtual care operating model is a practice transformation approach in phases. For the technology dimensions within the virtual care operating model, we rely on professional connectivity and integration partners. We also offer virtual-care boot camps, addressing the clinical dimensions

We integrate virtual care successfully and fully into routine care via a practice transformation approached in phases. After successfully scaling up the first diseases, the implementation of an additional condition on the same platform can start.

Clinical Dimensions

  • Organizational Set-Up
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Governance & Processes and Compliance
  • Conceptual Model (build or buy)
  • Knowledge Management

Operator and Technology Dimensions

  • Architecture
  • Platform and Devices
  • Integration (EHR, Devices, Video)
  • Protection & Security
  • Provision, Monitoring and Decommission
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