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Our focus is on creating a smart health system with integrated people-centric care that breaks down silos between care settings. The result is a better healthcare experience for patients and relief of clinical staff.
Professionals – In healthcare

With automated and continuous monitoring of patients in a clinical setting at home, we reduce the burden for healthcare staff, especially in episodic and chronic care. This helps prevent hospitalization and allows earlier discharge of patients.

Virtual care is a broad category of healthcare delivery with different sub-categories.

The Virtual Ward concept enable expert virtual care for patients at home.    

For instance, with the Virtual Ward approach, we allow sub-acute patients to relocate to their homes, while remaining under ongoing observation by healthcare professionals. A continuous NEWS2 score is calculated to verify the patient’s condition and wellbeing. Advanced thresholding and alerting enable timely intervention.

We facilitate episodic care to prepare patients for their surgery. This includes educational content, interaction with automated dialogue flows, collecting and analyzing data (e.g. vitals) alongside the option to schedule video consultations. After the surgery, patients are monitored at home to guide their rehabilitation.

Planning security

Reduced burden on staff

Targeted operations and care at home

Shorter hospital stays

Comfortably care at home

The system’s capacity to sequence different interactions and data collection points over time enables long care or data collection programs lasting weeks or even months. It uses an algorithm to ensure the right data are collected at all times. The individual measurements and interactions change on a week-to-week basis, according to an automated sequence as decided by the clinicians.

We empower Virtual Ward Providers achieving up to 29% reduction in emergency admissions and reducing cost up to 66%.

Henrik Ibsen
Co-Founder OTH

Chronic Care

For those who have long-term chronic conditions, we relieve the pressure on the healthcare systems and empower patients to improve their health.

Patients at home are fully engaged in their own care and continuously monitored by the provider, rather than having to attend routine consultations. By connecting patients and clinical teams, we enable greater access to care from any location and improve efficiency for clinicians.

Cost savings

We have achieved great results with CHF projects where simple schemes for monitoring data from patients (e.g. NYHA assessment) result in documented savings of 35% of yearly costs for CHF patients. In addition, we support tracking and monitoring of type 2 diabetes – including with precursor conditions like hypertension and obesity – as well as gestational diabetes while tracking complicated pregnancies like preeclampsia.

Comorbidities are easily handled across several different teams, empowering health professionals to maintain 360 degrees of overview of people at home, with or without diagnoses.


Predictive Care

We combine the analysis of biometric sensor data supported by predictive analytic methods with the care pathway. Healthcare professionals gain actionable insights and can care for more patients. We support you in detecting medical emergencies several days before they happen. OTH has developed its own AI engines and aggregates externally developed AI algorithms into the care pathway. 

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The technology gathers and analyzes mountains of data, and then delivers actionable insights to lighten the clinician’s workload. We are constantly adding new measurement parameters and algorithms to support data-driven collaboration through extensive APIs with easy integration of 3rd-party AI and analysis engines.

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is a prime example: with clinically proven algorithms and collection of patient vital data, we detect cardiac abnormalities including 20+ types of arrythmias, atrial fibrillation, myocardial infarction and ischemia, as well as right & left ventricular hypertrophy.

No coding knowledge required

With our clinical pathway builder, the care pathway for a certain condition and patient group is configured visually without the need for coding. The doctor and nurse can set up the clinical workflow on our no-code platform for almost any condition. No interaction with IT or consultants is required for activating a new protocol, giving healthcare professionals full control over the clinic-patient interaction and ensuring the right data are gathered and evaluated to alert the appropriate clinical staff to perform preventive actions when needed.

Clinical dashboard

After the clinical pathway for a certain patient group is activated, healthcare professionals gain a real-time view through a Web-based dashboard, usually integrated into existing electronic health systems ( EHR).

With this control center, clinical staff can remotely monitor patients as needed:

  • Monthly/Weekly screening
  • Daily monitoring, several times per day
  • Continuous data streaming with updates every few minutes including NEWS2 score
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This allows healthcare professionals to engage in monitoring of patients as needed – from occasional and preventive screening to 24/7 with real-time patient data and early warning indicators. Patients that might need prioritized treatment are automatically flagged based on the continuously collected and analyzed data. The monitoring staff can then act to alert ward staff should patients become unstable or need attention.

Avoiding alert fatigue

Our advanced thresholding engine can detect trending values and set alerts when one or more of the 45+ measurement points trend outside of allowed parameters. This allows us to avoid alert fatigue, as intervention alerts are set only when enough measurements are out of bounds. In addition, we support relative and absolute deviations.

Relative (asthma): If peak flow is 20% lower than the highest measured PF of the previous five days, then an alert is set. For a CHF patient, when weight increases by 3kg during the previous three days, then an alert is set.

"We spun this service up overnight"

Adam Sullivan

Chief Executive at Baywater Healthcare about the award-winning virtual ward that was establish as a fast response to escalating C19 challenges.

One concept, multiple devices

Based on the services the healthcare provider wishes to launch, we adapt our end-user app and integrate with the right choice of certified medical devices at home. Those can be wearables, Bluetooth-paired measurement monitors, Smartphone apps scanning contactless vital data or supported by any modern Smartphone camera and microphone.

Wearables have gained massive popularity over the past few years and are becoming an increasingly essential source of personal data to leverage a range of medical advances. We integrate data from different certified medical-device vendors to provide a single window into patient health at home. Our device-agnostic, flexible platform can be tailored to any clinical use case.


Manual input

Medical Devices

Bluetooth paired


Camera, Micro

Apple Health & Google Fit

Sharing with your GP & health provider

Medical devices are highly regulated — and for good reason. We are continuously audited according to ISO 13485.2016 and fulfill specific requirements for a quality management system (QMS).  In addition, we are compliant with the Medical Device Regulation (MDR) Class 2A. The EU MDR applies to processing software that is intended to provide information for one or more of the purposes listed in the definition of a medical device such as diagnosis, prevention, and monitoring.

Video consultation

The solution combines patient monitoring with video collaboration. We integrate some of the trusted brands in video collaboration services that follow local regulatory requirements. 

Getting started

Let’s work together. Leave the hard work of delivering proactive patient care with proven technology to us. The project of transforming your practice can be approached in phases. Within a pilot, we coordinate the assessment, organization, efficacy metrics and validation, creation of the clinical workflows, implementation acceptance, scaling and lifecycle support of the entire solution.

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Denmark is famous for being a telehealth nation. The effectiveness of our solutions has been proven in multiple Scandinavian clinical trials. Our story goes back to 2013 with a joint regional project across Denmark, funded by the Danish government with the explicit purpose of demonstrating the efficacy of large-scale remote health management.

Clinical trials

Is telehealthcare for heart failure patients cost-effective?

An economic evaluation alongside the Danish TeleCare North heart failure trial

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